Spring_1970 (spring_1970) wrote in atlantafen,

Dinner on Friday, November 5!

An Australian friend, Sin, is in town. I was hoping to do a dinner with other fen on Friday, November 5. She's staying at the Hyatt (a place many of us know so well :) ) and I was thinking of doing dinner around there (although I had another idea which is a Vietnamese place on Buford Hwy - let me know your preference and I'll check and see if she'll eat that too. :) ).

Dinner at 6:30pm or 7pm? I'll put the place up soon. Either Micks, the Brew Pub down from the Hyatt or the Vietnamese place. I know we're all on a budget. :)

Sin is active in SG, XF, Highlander and sparkly boys. *grins* Let me know if you can come.
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