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looking for the Artoo mailboxes in the Atlanta area

Today is the last day for the Artoo mailboxes to be in use here in the US; they will be replaced tomorrow and sent overseas to military bases, according to different things that I have heard and read.

The only one that I have seen here in Atlanta was on Peachtree across from the Hyatt Regency; we saw it at Dragoncon, but for some unknown reason (try really busy and very, very crowded con), we never got back to take pictures.

So, two questions:

1) does anyone know where any other Artoo mailboxes are in the metro area?

2) does anyone have pictures of them?

Btw, the jedimaster section at the USPS site is gone, so there's no way to actually check a list now for the Artoo mailboxes. :(

Any help, especially where to find the others that are here in the metro area, would be greatly appreciated.
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